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Introduction to a trip to Singapore
Our Travel to Asia will guide you when choosing a likely destination in the Eastern world. If you are from travelers who are interested in different cultures, ethnicities and religions, then you've come to the right place. This time we will tell you everything you want to find out about the small but powerful "city of lions" in Sanskrit or commonly called Singapore. Later we will show you with complete information because it is so touristy place. We are confident that this data that we present below will help you in your journey to the Far East. Decide to go back every so often to see what new news we have to show you.

The city-state is formed by the island of the same name, Labuan and other children. Located south of Malaysia and northern Indonesia. With 699.4 square kilometers only considered the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Singapore has coast north and south with several bays.

Safety trip to Singapore
Travel Utilities is a section that will help you stay informed about what is necessary to travel to this captivating city. Due to its stringent laws, you can walk safely on the street. Singapore is very safe for travelers. Of course, keep in mind that this place is extremely clean and hygienic so we recommend you follow the laws, but they can go to jail or stop at a big fine, nor sell gum and can not smoke in public places.

Climate. When is the best time for a trip to Singapore
Singapore is a tropical area with warm temperatures average 26 to 27 degrees, which lasts throughout the year. Yes, it is very wet during the night or rise early and fish can feel as there is a humidity of 90%. We recommend that you do not visit the area during the months of November to January monsoon rains and find it.

Why is it interesting to visit?
I. Historical Highlights
Formerly Singapore was called "Temasek", and by the fourteenth century was baptized by Prince Parameswara as "Singapura". In 1819, the British colonial governor Thomas Stamford Raffles took control of the city. Seven years later, Singapore along with two other islands (Malacca and Penang) was established as British colonies. However, during

the Second World War, precisely in 1942, Singapore became part of the Empire Japones. A late fifties, Lee Kuan Yew was elected Prime Minister and with his party "People's Action" proposes the integration Federation of Malaysia. Already in the sixties, proclaims Singapore as a Republic.

II. Major destinations and monuments
Our mission is to provide the best guides for your trip to Singapore. That is why in Travel to Asia telling you what you can not miss. Singapore now known as one of the giants of Asia, despite its small territory, is a pretty touristy place where you can visit and make many purchases through the streets of Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street. The combination of Western modernity and rich colonial past and eastern Singapore makes a luxury destination. Have fun at night when visiting great clubs, and bars. Also take advantage of buying appliances that are quite cheap and also enjoy the delights of this gastronomic capital. If you have any further questions we could not solve in this travel guide visit our section on the country. Feel free to return soon, we'll show you new destinations.

III. Culture, religion and society
Despite being a fairly westernized, still kept certain ancestral customs Singapore. There is a variety of worship on the island, which is due to the diversity of races living there. For example, the Chinese are Buddhists and worshipers of different deities. Christians also live, Malay Islamic, Hindu, among others. If you have time go see a Chinese opera, the Singaporeans are fond of it, so you will find an opening for a theater. If you agree with the Chinese New Year will see parades, acrobatics and the famous Lion Dance in the streets represented. If you decide to try the delicious cuisine of Singapore, will find wide range of mergers of Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and Western.

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Travel to Singapore, Guide to Singapore and Recommendations

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