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The word "Algarve" invokes a certain vision of Southern European exclusivity, possibly in much the same way as "Riviera".  At least that is the case where this particular modestly-travelled, timeshare owning author is concerned.

The Algarve is, for the sake of simplicity, that south-facing bit of Portugal in which the climate only rarely dips close to what an Englishman would consider winter and where, even in February, the visitor from northern climes is so often to be found at the beach or around the pool whilst the natives look on, bemused.

The Portuguese are a friendly people.  Historically Portugal has long been England's ally in its various disputes and arguments around the world.  Today that friendship manifests itself in the courtesy and real warmth with which the tourist is greeted when visiting the shops, cafés and bars along this understandably popular coastal stretch of the Iberian peninsular.

Although it is well mannered, at least for the regular visitor, to make some kind of effort towards negotiating at least the rudiments of the native tongue, many if not most of the residents in this part of Portugal do in fact speak at least some English.  Many speak it fluently, in particular those whose living is made in the service industries.  Not unreasonably though the tourist who does make some effort is always appreciated, especially if he or she is in permanent residence rather than merely an occasional holidaymaker.

Another major plus point for the Algarve, for many of us at least, is that it is a relatively inexpensive place to be, most certainly by comparison with some other luxury resorts in and around Southern Europe.  Food, drinks and other everyday tems are, even at the top end of the range, comparable in price to their UK equivalents and in vary many cases cheaper.  But inexpensive in this context shouldn't be taken to mean cheap, the Algarve is a place where quality and comfort are bywords.  This is most definitely not a haven for the visitor whose idea of a holiday is to gorge on steak pies and alcopops (although both can be sourced for the benefit of those whose thing it truly is).

Of course what Portugal's Algarve truly is famous for is its golf, and for the serious golfing enthusiast there really is an impressive range of top quality courses from which to choose.  As well as golf there are also bowling greens, horse riding, plus of course the countless swimming pools that can be enjoyed in the open air for most months of the year.

When dining on the Algarve all tastes are always catered for.  Whether one prefers to go local or English there are eateries to suit every taste, and for those who still cannot bring themselves to choose between the native and the familiar there are, within a kilometre or so of the famous Albufeira "strip", restaurants specialising in Italian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and American food as well as, almost certainly, other options too.

When dining in, the supermercado, or supermarket as we know it, is a familiar, unintimidating place with most of what we are ever likely to need available on the shelves but still devoid of the tacky corporate overkill that Britons will be familiar with back home.

Property on the Algarve sells at bargain prices by UK standards and yet the location has pretty much everything in its favour by comparison.  The luxury apartments, ideally situated as they are for sun, sea and sangria have an envious appeal for those to whom peace, comfort and quality of life are to be aspired.

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Luxury Apartments on the Portuguese Algarve

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This article was published on 2011/08/18