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Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese, with a very attractive and diverse landscape. It is more fertile than most other islands of the Dodecanese, and is also known as "Island of the Sun." Rhodes has beautiful beaches and famous historical sites, in addition to an international airport.

Rhodes - City:
The capital city is vibrant and apart from his very charming old town with medieval walls around the town and a picturesque life, there are also modern hotels, shops and nightlife, which will delight any fan of the nightlife.

Mandraki - the port of Rhodes, based on Rhodes:
Popular port is located a short distance from the city and is easily identifiable by a fortress with a lighthouse and three windmills on the pier. Much of the eastern pier, as well as a larger part of the dock in the south eastern corner, are reserved for charter boats. In summer you will often have three boats moored away from the dock.
The harbor is well protected on all sides, and bottom provides a good grip. In summer, many boats avoid the busy port and anchor the eastern side of Mandraki, where they are accommodated summer winds. However, in these areas the sea is beaten by ferry. The port is well equipped to repair and can provide all the necessary supplies.

Kos, an island very fertile between Myndus Peninsula in the north and the Turkish coast in the south. In many ways, strikingly similar to Kos Rhodes, with its green hills, large hotels and popular port protected by the medieval castle. It is, however, much quieter than its larger neighbor to the south, although there is an international airport on the island.

Kos - City:
The architecture of medieval Turkish and Italian still dominates the urban landscape of Kos. There are a lot of animation around the many taverns, cafes and shops. The climate is very pleasant, since the heat of summer is pleasantly reduced by the Meltemi.

Kos - the port of Kos, Kos based on:
If you come from north or west, it is easier to find the port by using the big brown hotel as a benchmark because it can be seen from afar. If you arrive from the east or south, it is best to navigate using the minaret of the city. If the Meltemi blows hard it will be apparent in the harbor. The background provides a good grip. You can get gasoline in town, and it can also be engaged in the dock. There are facilities for repairs, and all supplies are readily available.

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Dodecanese, Yacht Rhodes, Kos

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Dodecanese, Yacht Rhodes, Kos

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