Destination Marketers: Key Players In Your Tourism Business

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We all know tourism is big business. As one of the largest employers in the world, it is a vital sector that many countries rely and thrive upon. Tourism brings millions and billions of dollars into the local and national economies, improving the community and allowing it to flourish. If youre in the tourism industry, you deserve a piece of the pie. But to get it, you require the assistance of a destination marketer.

Most of the time, tourism depends on visitors from another country, or even just outside of the locale where your company operates. However, with your company strategically situated at the point of interest, it can be difficult for you to drum up business and attract tourists at the most important time: while theyre still planning their trip at home. This is where destination marketers come in.

Destination marketers are individuals or organizations who represent your company outside of where you serve. They often have years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. As your face in another country, the destination marketer can communicate directly with your target market or interact with other travel and tourism professionals who act as the middleman between you and your customer, such as travel agents and other industry professionals. For example, a hotel located in the Caribbean hotspot of Barbados wishes to attract more visitors from Toronto, Canada. A destination marketer, located in Toronto or, at the very least, Canada, is commissioned to promote the hotel to the local market. While it is not necessary that the representative be situated in the same city as the target market, it does help because they are more familiar with local perspectives and preferences. This insight can make promotion of your business more effective, translating into growth and success.

But destination marketers dont just promote your business through local channels. They also help you outline a strategy that works for you. Partnering with a variety of companies from other industries, they can help you determine your strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps your web presence needs restructuring, advertising methods reexamined, or brand requires updating - all of these areas can be improved upon with the resourcefulness of a destination marketer. They offer expertise, experience and an objective perspective that can positively influence your business, not just in the target market but also at home.

Destination marketers can increase your revenue. They are essential if your business is tourism.
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Destination Marketers: Key Players In Your Tourism Business

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This article was published on 2010/10/27