Calpe, a great vacation destination

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Calpe is a coastal town in Spain which has many holiday resorts in its structure. Costa Blanca is one of the most famous resorts, popular for its fine sands and the amazing restaurants; the most important attraction in Costa Blanca is the rock of Pennon de Ifach, the one which receives millions of tourists annually. If you try to know more about Calpe, you will find out that it had a great financial statute but with the passing of time, it slowly lost it; it seems that the pirates invaded the area many times so the people here tried to improve their defence. This is how the present Calpe was born.

Historical monuments

In the old town of Calpe, historical monuments can be found in every corner: the museum of Archaeology, the old Roman fortresses and the churches from the 15th century are a great history lesson for every tourist. Admire some old costumes in the Festival Museum if you are a lover of antique things. The most popular carnival here takes place in September, which is a traditional Moorish and Roman carnival; they were the ones who started it and the present population tries to keep it alive.

Pennon de Ifach

One of the most popular monuments in Costa Blanca is definitely this old rock; if you want to nourish your eyes with a magnificent panorama, try to reach its top. This place has been declared both historical and nature reserve, so it is worth visiting. If you are lucky, you can find a very rare species of orchid which grows only here. The Pennon de Ifach has been very important from the beginning as it is very rich: many old coins and other valuable things were found here. Beside this famous rock, El Raco and Del Panyo are also rocks that deserve being mentioned.

Enjoy your time in Calpe

You will not get bored while visiting Calpe as there are many things to do here: if you like water and everything related to it, go and see the port, the yachts and the large number of fish species. If you do not feel like admiring the marine wealth, enjoy the beaches. The water is very clean and when combined with the fine sands, you have a relaxing trip guaranteed. There are many resorts and beaches here, so you can choose the most appropriate one for your tastes.  

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Calpe, a great vacation destination

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This article was published on 2010/12/03