4 Attractions that have Become an Integral Part of Grenada Holidays

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Rich past, gorgeous beaches, intriguing culture and thrilling adventure are few things that make Grenadaone of the most visited destinations in Grenada. You would find party-like atmosphere all through the year. There are several worth visiting attractions in the country. However, following are the top four attractions that you should not miss while enjoying holidays in Grenada.

National Parks

If you want to explore natural richness ofGrenada, country's national parks are the best alternate. While visiting these parks, you would come across variety of ecosystems and rich wildlife. Most popular national park in the country is known asGrandEtangLakeand National Park. Breathtaking natural beauty will captivate your senses.Lakein the national park features several ecological subsystems. While strolling around, you would come across various species of plants animals and birds. Another notable national park in the city isLeveraNational Park. Main attraction of the national park is Levera Pond. It spans over 450 acres and features a bird sanctuary and few historical sites. Snorkeling and diving can be enjoyed in the coral reefs of the park.

Grand Anse Beach

Grenada holidays are incomplete without visiting this gorgeous white sand beach. White sand is dotted with palm trees where you can hang in a hammock and enjoy the refreshing surroundings. Clear and calm waters of the beach are apt to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Scuba diving, wind surfing and sailing are other marine activities you can enjoy in the beach waters. If you are carrying a laid back soul, you can just sit back on the white sand and admire the picturesque beach view.


 If you want to be a part of rich culture of Grenada, you should consider participating in the Carnival. This is most important celebrations in the island country. Plan holidays to Grenada in August so that you can enjoy the celebrations. Carnival is known for its exuberant and colorful events. You would come across parades full of splendid clothes, folk dances and reggae and samba beats. Several competitions also take place in the carnival. Competition for the king and queen of bands and calypso king contest are among the most important ones.


The island country is home to few museums as well. While visiting these beaches, you can peep into the rich past and art ofGrenada. Most popular museum in the country isGrenadaNationalMuseum. Exhibitions in the museum display variety of historic artifacts, first telegraph machine ofGrenadaand rum still.

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4 Attractions that have Become an Integral Part of Grenada Holidays

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